The Phablaboratory is phundraising for Monash University's Afghan Scholar Fund.

When I'm not making phabulicious earrings, I work in content at Monash University Library.  I've always been a great supporter of the University's Asylum Seeker Scholarship Fund, often forgoing my morning barista made coffee and pain au chocolat (*eyeroll* it's not a chocolate croissant) to donate at the fundraising desk that is so perfectly placed in front of the doors to Matheson Library at the Clayton Campus near Swift's Cafe (oh you clever fundraising people!).

This time, I wanna go bigger!  So I've created a special "Love ya Afghan Scholar" collection and will sell each pair in the collection at the flat rate of $25 with 100% of the sales to be donated to the Afghan Scholar Fund.  So turn those drab ears into phab ears and lend a helping hand to an Afghan mate!

If you work at Monash's Clayton campus, you can pick up your "Love ya Afghan Scholar" earrings for free, otherwise they'll be sent to your delivery address (delivery fees calculated at checkout).